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Framed Prints

Framed in metal or wood frames with acid-free mats, printed on fine art paper (20″x16″ frame size with up to 16″x12″ image size, or 16″x16″ frame size with 11″x11″ image size).  Only one of each is available (until they’re not!).

Mounted Prints

Giclee prints mounted on 2″ deep wood panels, ready to hang, 12″x12″.  Only one of each is available.

Unmatted Medium-Size Prints

Printed image size of 12″x12″ on 14″x13″ fine art paper.  Only one of each is available.


Printed image size of 4″x4″ on 7″x5″ fine art paper, unmatted.  Only one of each is available.

Matted and Unmatted Prints

Abstracts, landscapes, still lifes, and figurative art. Only one of each per size shown is available.

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