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For the human eye there is no space without its colour; and no colour that does not create its own space – and this meeting-place of colours becomes… an edge, a line, an outline, a profile, a boundary or frontier between two differing colour

— Patrick Heron
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  • Oh, so nice, Marilyn. Love when you are inspired by those “cells”. Always produces the most intriguing art from your studio!
Gallery of Recent Paintings
Murky Morning of the Soul - Oil on Canvas - 12 x 12 - © 2015 Marilyn Fenn Composition #10 - 2013 -  Acrylic on panel -  9x12 inches -  © 2013 Marilyn Fenn Small Color Painting 2014-015 - Oil painting by Marilyn Fenn Blockhead -  Oil on Canvas - 8 x 8 - © 2015 Marilyn Fenn