To Create Form, Find an Equivalent for Life

Painting by Hans Hoffman "The Golden Wall" Oil on Canvas 59½ x 71½" 1961

Painting by Hans Hoffman
“The Golden Wall”
Oil on Canvas
59½ x 71½”

Class notes from Drawing the Figure in Space with Elizabeth Rupprecht, SAIC, 1991

Purpose: to create form; to find an equivalent for life.

Check out Frank Stella‘s “Working Spaces.” Exploring another area of cubism.

Cut up something and rearrange it within a grid. Implied floorplane.

Look at Hoffman‘s “Golden Wall” in the museum.

Look at Holbein for eyes, mouth. Look at Giacometti.

Nose and ear are often parallel, curved or straight, whatever.


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Music . . . has . . . duration of time; while painting can present to the spectator the whole content of its message at one moment. Music, which is outwardly unfettered by nature, needs no definite form for its expression.

— Vasily Kandinsky
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  • Nice work. Even better considering the medium!
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