The Essence Lies in the Visual Meaning

Copy After Leonora Carrington's "Juan Soriano de Lacandón," 1964 at the Art Institute of Chicago Pencil 7" x 5" © 1991 Marilyn Fenn

Copy After Leonora Carrington’s “Juan Soriano de Lacandón,” 1964
at the Art Institute of Chicago
7″ x 5″
© 1991
Marilyn Fenn

Class notes from SAIC, 1991

The image must communicate something special which appeals to the senses through the way they are presented.

Abstract concepts help to provide visual meaning (aside from subject matter).

The subject supplies literal meaning.

The essence of a work lies in its visual meaning.


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  • Your mind is a wondrous thing, Marilyn. I’m transported by this.
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