The E Word: Recent Works by Marilyn Fenn

"Yellowstone" Oil on canvas 16" x 12" © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

Oil on canvas
16″ x 12″
© 2009 Marilyn Fenn

Solo show this October at Bay6 Gallery & Studios, Austin

My new exhibition, “The E Word,” explores life at different scales: from the elements of evolution to the essentials of our environment, and on to the endless reaches of space. Through the interplay and juxtaposition of the micro with the macro, I try to depict on canvas what nature could do in the world, but hasn’t gotten around to yet. There are always new combinations, and with them, new opportunities for capturing the kind of emergent qualities that animate the world; new ways of discovering parts whose sum creates a greater whole.

This wealth of possibilites lies in the inescapable fractal nature of the physical world: tiny crystals under a microscope resemble mountain ranges; neurons mirror nebulae; zoosphores echo supernovae.

I like to combine my lifelong passion for painting with my interest in science. I crave to know how things are made and how they appear, and then to explore how I can say something about the familiar world in a new way. Think “The Science Channel” on canvas.

My interest is in the act of creation rather than recapitulating what has already been created. How can I use the techniques of painting — the push-and-pull of strong color, the beauty of loose brushwork, my skills at representation — to paint a world that doesn’t happen to exist, but perhaps could? What else is possible; what further permutations of the universe can be depicted?

Come see my alternate realities at the opening reception, or stop by during the month of October and explore them at your leisure. The show runs from October 10th-November 1st.

Opening reception Saturday, October 10th, 7:00 – 10:00pm.

Food and drink will be provided, and music by The Treachery of Others.

Bay6 Gallery is located at:
5305 Bolm Rd., Unit 6
Austin TX
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6 Responses to The E Word: Recent Works by Marilyn Fenn

  • Beth Rommel says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    I will forward this info to my sister since she lives in Austin and really enjoys seeing new artwork. I must say every time I open your blog I think how beautiful it is. It is by far the prettiest, cheeriest, most welcoming I have seen. Have a good one..Beth

  • Marilyn,

    Congratulations on your upcoming show. Your concept sounds fascinating!

  • Marilyn says:

    Thanks, Beth and Katherine! I do hope it goes well. I'm pretty excited.

  • Beth Preston says:

    Congratulations, Marilyn! I especially like your tornado paintings.

    Best wishes on your show,


  • Priscilla says:

    I had RSVPed that I would come tonight, but had spaced out that there’s a UT game that I’m committed to working (Concession Stand for the McCallum wrestling team). So I’ll miss the opening, boo hoo! I hope it goes well and you find more adoring patrons.

    • Marilyn says:

      Well, shoot; would have loved to see you there, Priscilla, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Stop by some weekend day before the show closes (on Nov. 1st) — all of these paintings hanging together look amazing (IMHO). 🙂

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An artist’s job is to surprise himself. Use all means possible.

— Robert Henri
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  • I like this! It has some munchianesque touch. Congrats.
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