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Three Recent Small Works on Paper

Exploring some squiggly lines in 12x12 inch watercolor paintings. “Sploosh!” Watercolor with mixed media on watercolor paper 12″ x 12″ © 2013 Marilyn Fenn

Sold Four Little Paintings via Zatista

Woo-hoo!  I know these are going to look fabulous matted and framed and hanging together (if that is in fact what happens to them).  :D Thank you so much to my new collector in Maryland!

New Watercolor: “Splat!”

"Splat!" | Watercolor and gouache on Sennelier cold-press watercolor paper | 12" x 12" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn - I thought I'd try out the Sennelier watercolor block I discovered the other day buried in my studio.  Watercolor is a medium I'm not terribly familiar with.

They Can’t All Be Perfect

"Wheeeee!" | Watercolor and gouache on heavy Raffine paper | 5.25" x 5.5" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn - I almost had to throw this one away, but I think I more or less saved this watercolor with the judicious addition of a bit of gouache...and more stuff! FWIW

File This Under “You Gotta Try Stuff” — A Loose Study

Continuing my experiments with imagery: from earlier this year, this is a loose study in acrylic on paper for what may become a larger oil painting.  No real title, so far.  I like it.  🙂

Study for untitled #2013-009 Acrylic on watercolor paper 17.5″…

New Mini-Painting: “We’ve Got Company!”

"We've Got Company!" | Watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 5.25" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn

Another New Mini-Watercolor: “Orbit”

"Orbit" | Watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 6" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- For this painting, I picked a set of colors that were more subdued than my usual bright fare; I'm surprised at how bright they seem anyway.

Recovering a Watercolor Painting – “Dunk”

"Dunk" | Washed watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 6" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- The problem with working in watercolor is if you get the colors wrong, there's not a lot you can do to fix it. Initially, I got the colors wrong on this one.

New Painting: “You Are Here”

"You Are Here" | Watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 5.75" x 6" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn

Ear Worms – We Will Not Let You Go (Let Me Go)

"Ear Worms - We Will Not Let You Go (Let Me Go)" | Watercolor pencils on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 6" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- After the crazy looseness and unpredictability of the Fraccidental series, my fingers itched for a bit of tightness, and this is what happened. Named after the earworm running through my head during the entire creation of this piece
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I want to be useful as an artist. These paintings are for an audience. They are not just for me. The more in touch with myself I get, the more I am just going to assume that other people will like them too.

— Inka Essenhigh

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