12 x 12 Show Opening 2007

Artspoken 12×12 Opening

My little poppy paintings were hung in a great location in the front room, all together -- I loved how they looked there. There were a lot of nice paintings in the gallery -- some darling little happy flower paintings also in the front room -- in acrylic with wood-burning, if I remember right, lots of nicely done representational pieces -- landscapes and still lifes -- a few lovely abstracts, and some gorgeous photos here and there.

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Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression. — Isaac Bashevis Singer

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Gallery of Recent Paintings

Company - small abstract paintings on paper by Marilyn Fenn Embarrassingly-Twee-Watercolor-on-Portofino-paper-6x6-inches-copyright-2013-Marilyn-Fenn-600x603 Small Color Painting 2014-003 - Oil painting by Marilyn Fenn Weve-Got-Company-Watercolor-on-heavy-raffine-sketch-paper-6x6-inches-copyright-2013-Marilyn-Fenn1-600x547