Succession Series Complete!

“Succession Series #42” Oil on 20 Canvases 48″ x 60″ © 2008 Marilyn Fenn

“Succession Series #42”
Oil on 20 Canvases
48″ x 60″
© 2008 Marilyn Fenn

I finally finished my 7-month Succession Series project of 20 interrelated paintings, painted individually, but with connecting edges and related ideas. I painted these in oil, after spending the past 2 years painting primarily in encaustic.

It felt like coming home to paint in oil again, yet I approached this work with a different sensibility, different palette than I normally use, and slighter different techniques.

The above painting is the result: I’m still struggling to get a good shot of the whole painting, alas.

You can see the individual paintings on my website here: Succession Series — click on any thumbnail for the full view of each piece.

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