Gallery: Abstracts in Oil

Paintings in oil on canvas or panel

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Gallery: Abstracts in Acrylic

Paintings in acrylic on canvas or panel

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Gallery: Mini-Paintings

Some very small paintings in oil or acrylic on canvas or cradled wood panels.

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Gallery: Organics

Painting sketches from the latest body of work.

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Gallery: Encaustics

Abstract paintings in encaustic.

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Gallery: The E Word

Solo exhibition exploring life at different scales: from the elements of evolution to the essentials of our environment, and on to the endless reaches of space. Through the interplay and juxtaposition of the micro with the macro, I try to depict on canvas what nature could do in the world, but hasn’t gotten around to yet.

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Gallery: Hot Hot Summer Paintings

Some hot little painting-sketches that reflect the feeling of intense heat and dryness that weighed down on Central Texas for the whole oppressive summer of 2009, during which Austin had 68 days of triple digit temperatures.

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Gallery: Succession

The Succession Series: a 20-panel painting in oil, inspired by the idea of ecological succession, a natural sequential process in which there is a gradual supplanting of one community of life forms by another, each stage building upon the previous stage. Each of these paintings were created from following the edge forms of the preceding work, thus mimicking the natural process.

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Gallery: Tornadoes

Encaustic paintings of tornadoes and hurricanes, featured on The Weather Channel, Spring 2010.

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Gallery: Nuclear Bombs

Encaustic paintings of nuclear bombs.

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Gallery: What Have We Become?

Socio-political commentary through paintings in encaustic with mixed media.

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Gallery: Still Life

A Brief Return to Representation in 2011

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