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Scott Barber

Painting by Scott Barber title, medium, size, date unknown

Painting by Scott Barber
title, medium, size, date unknown

I stumbled on an exhibit by Scott Barber while taking a few days off in Galveston for our anniversary. Very keen abstract work, a lot of which had a very topographical look, was manipulated from photographs using PhotoShop into unrecognizable beautiful forms which then make their way onto the canvas (or aluminum or polyfiber, as the case may be). I found this nice review of a show Barber was in Artlies.

Barber’s works were the best thing in Galveston on this trip, and the rest of the trip was pretty good!  Sadly, this was a posthumous show; Barber died in 2005 of complications following a bone marrow transplant. (you can read his resume here).

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To get a full objectivity, to have an entirely new view of a particular work, to study its expressiveness and see if the color elements are as sharp as I want them . . . looking at work upside down often provides the final happy surprise.

— Fernando Botero
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  • Ohhhh Marilyn…. this is just awesome. Love these colors! I want to dissect this and figure it out.
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