Redesigning My Art Site for WordPress 3.01

Marilyn Fenn Studio Website Redesign


I have just finished yet another redesign of my art website! The new design is a slight refinement of the previous visual design (with which I’ve been pretty happy for awhile), but more importantly, it represents a major underlying structural change. I have upgraded my site structural and design files to WordPress 3.01 to take advantage of the new structure and features built into the latest version of WordPress. I’ve also used a number of excellent plugins to extend the functionality.

I am using the new Featured Image feature to include images in nearly every post, replacing ALL featured images formerly added through the plugin YAPB (Yet Another Photo Blog)—over 200 images!

I am making use of the new Navigation Menus, and have employed multiple widget areas to arrange many of the widgets that all used to be located on the right sidebar.

I’ve made a few other design and navigation changes, which I hope will enhance my viewers’ experience. Some things have moved around and some have been renamed, but there are plenty of ways to find everything that’s here, such as the Search form, Category, Tag and Archive dropdowns on the right sidebar, and the Site Map.

I’ve also added some Comment Avatars which you can choose from to accompany your comments.

If you’d like to see the evolution of my art portfolio site over the past 11 years, check it out on my About This Site page.

Anyway, take a look around, see what you think, and let me know!

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The eye of the painter gives human value to objects, reproduces things as the human eye SEES THEM. And this vision is MOBILE. And this vision is VARIABLE.

— Bonnard
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Comments on My Paintings
  • Nicely done Marilyn, love the wonderful warm colors and movement in this piece.
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