Recent Sketches and Small Paintings

"Resting" Watercolor crayon on canvas paper 6" x 6" © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

Watercolor crayon on canvas paper
6″ x 6″
© 2009 Marilyn Fenn

Here is a sample of some of the small sketches and paintings I have been playing with over the past couple of months.  Most of them are 6″x6″; some are oil crayon or water-soluable pencil on paper or canvas paper; some are acrylic on canvas paper; some are oil on canvas.  I consider one or two of these to be completed works; most of them are just stretching my fingers and my imagination; who knows where this exploration will lead?

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Years ago, these graduate students who helped me move into this studio just dumped all the stuff around [the studio] in clusters. And the clusters looked interesting. So I just began adding models to the clusters of objects. That made a big change. Using the objects in juxtaposition with the figures was simply a way of complicating the visual experience of painting directly from life.

— Philip Pearlstein
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Comments on My Paintings
  • I love the way you dealt with paint in this one. For some reason, my eye gets attracted to this thing in the left bottom corner, as though it is the figure of the artist who wonders at her painting…It is interfering, in a sense. But it is also essential; it adds something like an intrigue to the piece.
Gallery of Recent Paintings
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