Progress Photos from the Painting “Food Forest”

"Food Forest" Acrylic on canvas 24" x 30" © 2012 Marilyn Fenn

“Food Forest”
Acrylic on canvas
24″ x 30″
© 2012 Marilyn Fenn

Several people have told me how much they like seeing progress photos of paintings.  Soooooo, I thought I’d share with you all some of my progress shots from recent works, starting with “Food Forest.”

The process for this painting started with a photography session at an Urban Patchwork “food forest.”  Several artists were preparing work for a one-night show to benefit Austin’s Urban Patchwork community gardens.  I took quite a few photos, and then spent days just thinking about what I wanted my first painting for this show to be.  I came up with my composition using imagery drawn from many photos.

I don’t always do sketches for works, and the one here is a pretty sad example, but sometimes all you need is a compositional thumbnail and that’s all this was meant to be.  (I can draw much better than this, really, and if I’d known I was going to share these sketches with anyone, maybe I would have).  🙂

I also painted this in acrylic — Chroma’s Atelier Interactive acrylics, which is mostly what I’ve used when trying to paint in acrylic.  You may know that I’m an oil painter at heart, and find acrylics frustrating, but I knew I didn’t have time for a new oil painting to dry in time for the show, so acrylics it was to be.  (yikes!)

I started on a Friday afternoon, and finished the following Monday, which is pretty fast for me to complete an entire painting this size.

These are the only photos I took of the process, so I’m guessing each photo represents one’s day’s work.  The final photo is color-accurate, AFAICT; the others are shot with a mishmash of lights in the studio (so the color temperatures are different from the actual painting and the final shot).

I have to admit, shaking up my medium really worked in this instance.  I love this painting!  It now hangs in the living room, so I get to enjoy it every day.  Which is not to say that I won’t part with it.  🙂

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This painting is currently available in my shop.

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