Painting from Another Viewpoint

Painting by Julia Mehretu “Excerpt (Riot)” 2003 ink and acrylic on canvas 32 x 54”

Painting by Julia Mehretu
“Excerpt (Riot)”
ink and acrylic on canvas
32 x 54”

Class notes from Reinventing Your Creative Process with Andrew Long, Fall 2007

Tara Donovan - Untitled (Styrofoam Cups)

Tara Donovan
Untitled, 2003 (Detail)
Styrofoam Cups, Hot Glue
6′(H) x 20′(W) x 19′ 2″(D)
Ace Gallery New York

(this from the ACE Gallery – one of my favorite online presences of an already extraordinarily good bricks-and-mortar gallery).

Think of painting from another viewpoint; from up above, from inside.  What’s outside?  Think of things from all directions, paint it from one direction, then another and another, put then all together, leave the history of the object.

When things cross, perhaps they’re laying on a fulcrum?

Use both primary and secondary material.


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There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose, because before he can do so, he must first forget all the roses that were ever painted.

— Henri Matisse
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  • Perfect lineal balance, Marilyn. I can see how it is your fav. I love abstract that holds close to the primaries.
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