Every Painting Takes on a Life of its Own

“Flame Kiss” Oil on canvas 24″ x 24″ © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

This one started out as an attempt to reproduce at larger scale a small acrylic from last summer…and it wasn’t working. I began to rework it in oil at the beginning of this year, and maybe it’s…

Preparing for More Small Paintings

Preparing new panels and sketching out compositions for small canvases.

I added movable shelves to my pegboard system in the last week or so, so I have plenty of room for storing some of those small canvases while they dry. (some of the canvases on the shelves are to be…

A Fun Experimental Painting

“Mostly-Daily Painting 2014-011″ Oil over acrylic on Masonite panel 10″ x 8” © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

In between working on my series of color minis and larger works, I’m repainting some old failed works. This was one of my early experiments in acrylic, but is now more delightfully covered in…

Love This Video (with transcript) from Philip Guston on Painting

"Destruction of paintings is very interesting to me and almost crucial."

See this short video here: http://paintingowu.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/paint-process-philip-guston-in-the-studio/

Rules for Composition

  1. Every picture is a collection of units or items.
  2. Every unit has a given value.
  3. The value of a unit depends on its attraction, and its attraction varies according to placement.
  4. A unit near the edge has more attraction than the same unit at the middle.
  5. Every part of the…

Gerhard Richter – “When I paint an abstract picture….”

A good quote from Gerhard Richter about painting.

From Richard Diebenkorn’s “Notes to myself on beginning a painting”

  1. Attempt what is not certain.  Certainty may or may not come later.  It may be a valuable delusion.
  2. The pretty, initial position which falls short of completeness is not to be valued–except as a stimulus for further moves.
  3. Do search.  But in order to find other…

Yesterday’s Painting

“Color Mini 2014-007″ Oil on canvas 6″ x 6” © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

I do have an overall plan for this little body of work, but I never know really where each painting will go, once I get going. Which is, of course, part of the fun of the process.…

Here’s #6 of the Small Color Series

"Color Mini 2014-006" Oil on canvas 6" x 6" © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

Today’s Daily Painting

"Color Mini 2014-005" Oil on canvas 6" x 6" © 2014 Marilyn Fenn
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Drawing is putting a line ’round an idea.

— Henri Matisse

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