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Studio Space – Does it Matter?

I love seeing other artists' spaces, and got just such an opportunity when Farrell Brickhouse posted pics of his friends' palettes on Facebook a while back....I'd love to have so much space.

New Encaustic Painting: Green Sky

"Green Sky" | Encaustic and Collage on Panel | 10" x 10" | © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

New Encaustic Painting: Lime

"Lime" | Encaustic on Panel | 10" x 10" | © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

New Encaustic Painting: Beezebra

"Beezebra" | Encaustic with Collage and Image Transfer on Panel | 10" x 10" | © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

New Encaustic Painting: I Want to Move It, Move It

I Want to Move It, Move It" | Encaustic and Mixed Media on Panel | 10" x 10" | © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

6 New Encaustic Paintings

As promised, here are 6 of my new encaustic paintings -- 5 of these were begun at last weekend's encaustic workshop at Majestic Ranch.  I completed them and created one new painting (so far)  after returning home.

Encaustic Workshop at Majestic Ranch, Boerne TX

I spent this past weekend with ten other members of the Austin group of Texas Wax in an encaustic painting workshop at Majestic Ranch in Boerne, TX. 

Color is the Thing for Me

I am getting very excited about my upcoming solo show.  I'm painting like a madman, and I'm beginning to be very happy with some of the results.

How Do You Know When You’re Done with a Painting?

I was in a class several years ago in which another student complained about painting abstractly, because she didn't know where to stop.

A Painter’s Obsessions

"Orange Crush" | Oil on canvas | 6" x 6" | © 2009 Marilyn Fenn -- For the past year or two, I've been thinking a lot about what really matters to me as an artist.  What matters most...and what doesn't? Let me start with a list, and if all goes well, I will explore these issues in depth over the coming weeks:
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Any painter who doesn’t find painting difficult should be treated with suspicion.

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Small Color Painting 2014-007 - Oil painting by Marilyn Fenn Composition #2 - 2013 - Acrylic on panel - 8x10 inches - copyright 2013 Marilyn Fenn Flame Kiss - Oil painting by Marilyn Fenn Get 'Em! - Watercolor on Portofino paper, 6" x 6", © 2013 Marilyn Fenn