Three New Organics Paintings

"Organics Sketch #19" Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper 8" x 8" © 2010 Marilyn Fenn

“Organics Sketch #19”
Acrylic on Stonehenge Paper
8″ x 8″
© 2010 Marilyn Fenn

I started this one awhile back; I may continue to work on it some more. I’m not really happy with the colors just yet.

I worked on this one, and did the two below while at The Vortex last weekend for the East Austin Studio Tour. Come watch me work on more little pieces this weekend, and maybe buy one or two. These are $50.00 each, and I have about 40 little works on paper like this, plus some sketches for less and larger paintings for more. 🙂 Also, if there’s any painting of mine you’d like to see in person while visiting The Vortex, let me know which one, so I can bring it with me. I hope to see you there!

Organics Sketch 20

Organics Sketch 20 · Watercolor Media on Stonehenge Paper · 8″ x 8″ · © 2010 Marilyn Fenn

Organics Sketch 21

Organics Sketch 21 · Watercolor Media on Stonehenge Paper · 8″ x 8″ · © 2010 Marilyn Fenn

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So many people say painting is fun. I don’t find it fun at all. It’s hard work for me.

— Edward Hopper
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  • You should be an entertainment writer too. ;) Before I read the ‘unfinished’ statement I was thinking it’s ‘Under stated’ not a criticism just an option on style. I wondered if painting facial detail intimidated you ? Yet I believe you may have intended to add facial expression, although having none is a statement in itself. The tonal value overall is excellent and it almost reminds me of a more relaxed David Hockney. More fun, freer and there was me thinking the figure was wearing a baseball cap backwards. Well it was amusing to hear scholars debate your scarf. Too funny.
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