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Oranges and Sardines at the Armand Hammer Museum

Painting by Mary Heilmann "Blood on the Tracks" 2005Painting by Mary Heilmann
“Blood on the Tracks”

Today I mapped out about 4 different exhibits I wanted to get to, and they weren’t necessarily that far from each other (Westwood, Hollywood, and Santa Monica); but we got going too late, and had to return to Pasadena too early to be able to fit in more than one of them, especially considering LA traffic (1 hour to get there; 1.5 hours to get back; how do people stand it out there?).

The first (and last) place we made it to was the Armand Hammer Museum, which I am now officially declaring to be my favorite museum in LA. Every show we’ve seen there has been fantastic. OK, well, that may not apply if you’re primarily interested in viewing only Impressionist works or art from previous centuries. But for me and Terry, the shows at the A.H. tickle our art-appreciation bits the most.

Each room in the Oranges and Sardines Exhibit showcased the work by a current artist with accompanying works by artists who influenced them. What a strong show!

The first room contained the work of Mary Heilmann, whose piece, “Blood on the Tracks,” 2005 (above) I found to be quite striking.

I’m afraid my notes are too sketchy to reconstruct the experience, but I do recall (I think) that one of her influences was Francis Bacon, and they had his piece “Figure with Two Owls, Study for Velasquez,” 1963 on display. A gorgeous work. I do love how he applies paint; it’s so scrumptious!

Do click on the link in the title to see more about this show at the Armand Hammer (they do a great job of extending their exhibits online). If you’re in LA, please do yourself a favor and go see this show! The few images here are but a tease.

Here are the pieces I made note of throughout this exhibit:

Amy Sillman, U.S. of Alice. the Goon
Amy Sillman
U.S. of Alice, the Goon

(no image)
Willem de Kooning
Untitled XXII

(no image)
Juan Mele
Irregular Frame #2
Oil on Masonite

Eva Hesse, H plus H
Eva Hesse
H + H, 1965
(love the colors! green, chartreuse, ochre, ecru, brown, + stripes!)

Alice Neel, Thanksgiving
Alice Neel
Oil on Canvas

Philip Gustin, Sleeping
Philip Guston
Oil on Canvas

(I’m pretty sure I saw this in a Philip Guston show at the Art Institute of Chicago when I was a student there.)

(no image)
Philip Guston
Oil on Canvas

Forest Bess, Star of David
Forest Bess
Star of David
Oil on Canvas

(no image)
Dieter Roth
Selbstportrait als Suppe
glue and acrylic paint

(no image)
Dieter Roth
Bonbons am Abend
glue and acrylic paint

(no image)
Dieter Roth
Ein Bleicher Kracker
glue and acrylic paint

(no image)
Dieter Roth
Mit Vogelkacke sich ernahrender bleicher Schleimbonbonscmeisser
glue and acrylic paint

(no image)
Dieter Roth
2 Kartobbelknaben
glue and acrylic paint

(some of the above were in the room of Christopher Wool; no promises that I got the German words correct!)

(no image)
Albert Ohlen
Untitled 1988
Oil on Linen

(no image)
Man with Pipe
Oil on Canvas

Charline von Heyl, Big Nobodaddy
Charlene von Heyl
Big Nobodaddy
acrylic, oil, pastels on linen

Carla Acconci, Verderosso #6
Carla Accardi
Verderosso #6

Wols, Oui, Oui, Oui
Oui, Oui, Oui
Oil on Canvas

Wade Guyton’s room:

(no image)
Robert Morris
Horse of the Vetti II
felt, grommets

(do an image search on Robert Morris — great stuff!)

Mark Grotjahn’s room:

Paul Klee, Blossoms in the Night
Paul Klee
Blossom in the Night

(no image)
Paul Klee,
Two Heads

Clyfford Still, 1946
Clyfford Still

(I think this was the Still painting; he has long been one of my favorite Abstract Expressionists)

(no image)
Joseph Albers
Homage to the Square

Yayoi Kusama PR 61

Yayoi Kusama
No. T.W. 3
Oil on Canvas

(small swirls of white paint, more or less covering a stained canvas, with holes through which you could see the stain color, similar to the one above — and check out the slideshow on her bio page!)

Sherrie Levine
Sherrie Levine
Untitled, White Knot 9
Casein on Plywood

(similar to the one above)

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