Opening for “Degrees” Exhibit in Houston

Opening for “Degrees” Exhibit in Houston

“Degrees” will be up through the rest of May at:

Gallery M Squared

325 West Nineteenth Street
Houston, Texas

Wednesday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday noon – 5 pm

Encaustic Paintings above by Juan Moreno, Texas Wax Austin

All four groups of Texas Wax — a regional encaustic painting society — held their first statewide group exhibit on Saturday, May 9th at Gallery M Squared in Houston.  It was an excellent show — the large gallery space was filled with one or two beautiful pieces from each participating artist.  Many of the artists from Austin, Dallas and San Antonio joined the Houston artists for the opening that lasted well into the evening.  After the opening, the party spilled over to our hotel for another couple of hours.

Many thanks to Max Harrison and Mike Kubis at Gallery M Squared for hosting our first Texas Wax members exhibition, and to the leaders of each regional chapter, who have worked for many months to organize this show.  Special thanks go to Gwen Plunkett of the Houston Chapter, who worked behind the scenes in Houston to make this event so successful through arranging the food and beverages with the caterer, and meeting with Max — the owner of Gallery M Squared — to arrange for the show and help him hang our work.  A huge thanks also go to Deanna Wood of the Dallas Chapter, who created our beautiful invitations, and to Sharon Kyle Kuhn and Kevin Kuhn of Austin who arranged a great deal on hotel rooms for the Austin artists, and transported our work to the show.  View photos below or at the Texas Wax website.

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In our current cult of originality, the pressure is to have a personal style as soon as possible, and the classroom environments often have this mentality as well. Everyone is freaking out: “What’s my style? What’s my thing?” It’s too much too fast. This race for originality has, over the years, spread from that future-goal timeline to just after college to (now) inside college itself. A safety zone no longer exists.

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  • As anyone who has known me for a while can tell you, I really appreciate both the artists and the ladies here on Google Plus. Especially those who are both, as is +Marilyn Fenn . Marilyn is a wonderful artist who lives down in Austin, Texas, which is a very rich town for both artists and musicians. I met her not long after I came aboard here and have enjoyed her work ever since. She usually paints abstracts, so I thought I’d share this one, which is a little different from her usual style. Drop by Marilyn Fenn ‘s page and check out her work. Do yourself a favor and circle her.
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