Notes from Art School – Phillip Garner’s Better Living Catalog

Cover of Phillip Garner's "Better Living Catalog"Picture: Cover of Phillip Garner’s “Better Living Catalog”

I found some of my notebooks of notes from art school (mostly from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1990-92; perhaps a few from prior part-time classes at Austin Community College, 1985-89); I thought I’d type ’em up for posterity.

First: Look for Phillip Garner’s “Better Living Catalog” – a compilation of crazy inventions and oddities created by the author. Each invention is accompanied by a “sales pitch” which explains the utility of the invention and how modern man can benefit from the particular creation…a very funny book. Or possibly Garner’s Gizmos & Gadgets.

My notes mention:

  • Bacon watchband
  • Shower in a can
  • Footprint shoe (letters on bottom of shoe spell out your message)- LOVE this one!
  • Pocket tie
  • Reversapparel
  • Leggage-armage – arms dealer
  • Don’t lose your head-bag
  • and a sketch of a great household do-everything robot.

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— Franz Kline
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  • I’m not sure I could think of a term or label from the past that would work – your work is just… yours to me. Effervescent comes to mind as a descriptor. Organic. But you use paint like… a thing, it’s a part of your paintings, not just a means to an end. I love that about your work, the weight of the paint contrasting with the lightness of the colors and energy of imagery.
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