New Work: A Tornado Seen from Below

"Tornado From Below" Encaustic on Masonite 8″ x 10″ © 2007 Marilyn Fenn

“Tornado From Below”
Encaustic on Masonite
8″ x 10″
© 2007 Marilyn Fenn

I’m not sure where I found the image for this painting, and I really can’t imagine anyone being brave or crazy enough to stand under a tornado and take a photograph.

But it’s a fascinating image, and here’s my take on it.  I love how this painting, like the one I did just before this, straddles that space between abstraction and representation.

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Let the sketches for historical subjects be rapid, and the working of the limbs not too much finished. Content yourself with merely giving the position of the limbs, which you will then be able to finish at your leisure as you please.

— Leonardo da Vinci
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Comments on My Paintings
  • You should be an entertainment writer too. ;) Before I read the ‘unfinished’ statement I was thinking it’s ‘Under stated’ not a criticism just an option on style. I wondered if painting facial detail intimidated you ? Yet I believe you may have intended to add facial expression, although having none is a statement in itself. The tonal value overall is excellent and it almost reminds me of a more relaxed David Hockney. More fun, freer and there was me thinking the figure was wearing a baseball cap backwards. Well it was amusing to hear scholars debate your scarf. Too funny.
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