New Work: A Tornado Seen from Below

"Tornado From Below" Encaustic on Masonite 8″ x 10″ © 2007 Marilyn Fenn

“Tornado From Below”
Encaustic on Masonite
8″ x 10″
© 2007 Marilyn Fenn

I’m not sure where I found the image for this painting, and I really can’t imagine anyone being brave or crazy enough to stand under a tornado and take a photograph.

But it’s a fascinating image, and here’s my take on it.  I love how this painting, like the one I did just before this, straddles that space between abstraction and representation.

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Drawing and color are by no means two different things. As you paint, you draw . . . When color is at its richest, form is at its fullest.

— Paul Cezanne
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Comments on My Paintings
  • Wonderful work Marilyn. The detail in the little box and crystals are amazing.
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