New Painting: Frogs and Snails and Wiggledy Tails

"Frogs and Snails and Wiggledy Tails" Oil on canvas  18" x 18"  © 2011 Marilyn Fenn

“Frogs and Snails and Wiggledy Tails”
Oil on canvas
18″ x 18″
© 2011 Marilyn Fenn

My husband brought me a flowers for our anniversary a couple weeks ago.  I got enchanted with the idea of using flowers as a way into shape creation for continuing my abstract paintings, but I was seduced by the representation of the irises and alstroemeria.  The vase in this painting is part representation, part abstraction; around the vase are some abstractions of some frog and snail toys (that you may or may not be able to discern), plus some shapes echoed from the abstracted reflections in the vase…and then there’s just some paint jazz. 😉

Abstract Art, colorful, flower paintings

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There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.

— Ansel Adams
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