New Painting: Because Somebody Has to be Fabulous!

"Because Somebody Has to be Fabulous!" Oil on Canvas 20″ x 20″ © 2010 Marilyn Fenn

“Because Somebody Has to be Fabulous!”
Oil on Canvas
20″ x 20″
© 2010 Marilyn Fenn

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I’ve been doing this post modern fake abstract expressionism and to make it look like beautiful accidents happen, I blow through a drinking straw to make the drips go just where I want them to go and that’s something that you have kids do and I have taught kids a lot. I get a lot of inspiration from kids as you can imagine.

— Mary Heilmann
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  • This is wonderful, Marilyn. Had to stop and study all the interesting and intriguing items you’ve placed in this still life. Beautiful values and tones!
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