New Atomic Bomb Paintings

“Operation Bravo” Encaustic on Plexiglas 12" x 12" © 2007 Marilyn Fenn

“Operation Bravo”
Encaustic on Plexiglas
12″ x 12″
© 2007 Marilyn Fenn

I had wanted to complete more of my planned large series of atomic bomb paintings done in time to apply to a local show dealing with war.  I’ve got only 5 done now, and these last two need a little tweaking, but for now, here they are:

Painting of Nuclear Explosion Castle Romeo

“Castle Romeo”
Encaustic on Plexiglas
9″ x 12″
© 2007 Marilyn Fenn

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Comments on My Paintings
  • Nice! I’m getting good associations with my garden and vegetables hidden under leaves in the summer heat.
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