Exhibits: Metropolis II & Modern Art at LACMA – 2012

Chris Burden's Metropolis, Robert Therrien,

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Exhibits: About Face at the Blanton Museum 2011

Austin, TX, August 2011

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Exhibits: Rivers at Wally Workman 2011

Austin, TX, July 2011

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Exhibits: Human Nature at LACMA 2011, Part Two

Peter Halley, Gunther Forg, Imi Knoebel, John McCracken, Christian Eckart, Gego, Hannah Wilke, Lynda Benglis, Bruce Nauman, and many more

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Exhibits: Human Nature at LACMA 2011, Part One

Contemporary Art from the Collection, including Richard Serra, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, and much more.

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Exhibits: Visit to the Blanton 2010

Visiting the modern wing of the Blanton Museum with my husband and my brother, December 2010.

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Exhibits: Caprice Pierucci at the Davis Gallery 2010

Visiting the Davis Gallery with my husband and brother to see the work of Caprice Pierucci, December 2010.

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Exhibits: The Menil Collection 2009

Museum Visit: the Menil Collection, Rothko Chapel and Cy Twombly Museum, Houston, spring 2009

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Exhibits: Balboa Park 2007

Museum visits: Sculpture in Balboa Park Sculpture Garden and Cafe, San Diego, 2007

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Exhibits: Getty Museum 2007

Museum visit: the Getty Museum, LA 2007

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Exhibits: Cut Paper Exhibit 2008

Gallery exhibit: Cut Paper at the Vincent Price Art Museum, LA 2008

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