To me this one and some of your other works are like watching little biological critters come to life as soon as the lights are turned off and the lab door is locked for the night. They come out, put the music on and start boogie dancing around the room.๏ปฟ
Thank you, Marilyn Fenn, for sharing your Art with your family here on G+. It’s folks like you that makes G+ a vibrant and thriving community!๏ปฟ
As anyone who has known me for a while can tell you, I really appreciate both the artists and the ladies here on Google Plus. Especially those who are both, as is +Marilyn Fenn . Marilyn is a wonderful artist who lives down in Austin, Texas, which is a very rich town for both artists and musicians. I met her not long after I came aboard here and have enjoyed her work ever since. She usually paints abstracts, so I thought I’d share this one, which is a little different from her usual style. Drop by Marilyn Fenn ‘s page and check out her work. Do yourself a favor and circle her.
I’m not sure I could think of a term or label from the past that would work – your work is just… yours to me. Effervescent comes to mind as a descriptor. Organic. But you use paint like… a thing, it’s a part of your paintings, not just a means to an end. I love that about your work, the weight of the paint contrasting with the lightness of the colors and energy of imagery.
Your mind is a wondrous thing, Marilyn. I’m transported by this.๏ปฟ
I like this.
Charming, whimsy.
Nice ๐Ÿ˜€
Great work !!!
New Ideas for painting.. congratulations!
Your works are strong balanced, sensitive and masterful… congratulations!
This is a lovely piece, and your portfolio looks great.
All of your work is very cool looking!!!
I love this piece of yours.
LOVE the poppy series! Interesting concept for images and titles.
Beautiful colour and movement!
Excellent colour harmony!
A beautifully conceived and executed drawing, and imaginative title, very nice.
Very interesting! It looks like a city of the near future, but organic. It has a warmth.
I am drawn in. It feels like I’m looking down into a street scape. One with oodles of electronic utilities (parking meters, walk/don’t walk signs, traffic and surveillance cameras) and that singular storm drain. I have no idea why/what the blue dot is, but I like it!๏ปฟ
You should be an entertainment writer too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Before I read the ‘unfinished’ statement I was thinking it’s ‘Under stated’ not a criticism just an option on style. I wondered if painting facial detail intimidated you ? Yet I believe you may have intended to add facial expression, although having none is a statement in itself. The tonal value overall is excellent and it almost reminds me of a more relaxed David Hockney. More fun, freer and there was me thinking the figure was wearing a baseball cap backwards. Well it was amusing to hear scholars debate your scarf. Too funny.
Thank you for sharing this great story! I think its interesting how unfinished art to the artist, is finished art once anyone else see’s it. And it would undermine you as the artist to go back and change it if they already thought it was finished. Sometimes this is why i don’t like to let people see unfinished work until I can show the completed piece.
So expressive…amazing lovely colors. ๐Ÿ™‚
Great still-life Marilyn; love the expression on his face! Well done.
Just needs an illudium 245 space modulator
Hello Guston colour palette.
Now, that is a spacious landscape! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The colors and shapes and enormity of these shapes in space is difficult to comprehend. This has a glowing, ethereal feeling.
Wowza, what an interesting piece! I love this! It really does carry a moody feel, almost a lil ominous.
Really nice – it has a great moody feel. I likey. ๐Ÿ™‚
Really beautiful painting, I like it.
Your paintings are always so whimsical. This feels like an underseas circus to me. Playful, happy, fun.
I like the feeling of being underwater that I get from this image with its unique shapes and design.
I love it. Takes me back to what I used to see in my science class at school under the microscope.
Definitely whimsical and fun, Marilyn.
LOL, I LOVE your title!!!! This is a wonderful work of abstract, Marilyn. You brought in a little stronger hue this time, and it works great!
Beautiful work Marilyn. Love the technique!
I love all your encaustic work!!! The poppy series is wonderful! ALSO, great post and photo on encaustic. I’ve learned a lot from you today
Ooooo love this one – it’s so happy!
Marilyn…. you just amaze me, girl! This encaustic is wonderful! Love how you worked the medium into the composition…. just lovely!
This is really nice Marilyn. That misty feel came out so well!
I love how the eye travels the lines….
You know, when I saw Crater Lake, my first thought was that this sight is absolutely impossible to paint. I didn’t even try. But you managed it!
Wow! This is a huge piece to have done with oil pastel and so many firsts! I love the birds-eye view you have given us.
I see exactly what you were trying to capture, and you did it perfectly! And with a difficult medium!!!
A wonderful feeling of space and distance. Beautiful earthy colors!
This is a great landscape, with remarkable expanse of internal rhythms in all directions. One certainly understands why the spot is sacred and gets the vibes of “global synchronized meditation”…
So richly colored!! Enchanting painting for Enchanted Rock!
Awesome, Marilyn! This is just awesome!!!! Love the perspective and the colors are just wonderful!
Great painting of a beautiful place!
WOW, I love these, okay you all are really inspiring me to get back into the traditional paints! I love Landscapes!
You have a very distinctive palette — it has tenderness and understatement; like a young girl first fallen in love.
I’m really liking the palette you’re using, Marilyn! Love the off center design. Thumbs up!!!
Ohhhh Marilyn…. this is just awesome. Love these colors! I want to dissect this and figure it out.
I love this painting, it expands way beyond just a painting or a technique.
Fantastic work Marilyn! Love how all those wonderful pastel colors create dreamlike atmosphere! There are so many dreams that are connected in somthing bigger! Beautiful!
Marilyn, I’m loving these works… the colors, textures and compositions. Wonderful!
Your articulation of her body, the angle, the places where the shadow collects, is graceful, elegant, yet strong, present.
You captured her pose with such elegant lines and beautiful shading…and ohh, that line from her extended arm, to the curve of her waist, sliding over her hip…well, that is perfection:)
Marilyn i’m blown away at this drawing, absolutely stunning!
WOW Marilyn! This is simply awesome! Love the vignette…perfect!
You have an eye for well placed colors!
Very beautiful – love the fire of the colours and the shimmer of form – creates a sense of the other worldliness of personal vision.
Nicely done Marilyn, love the wonderful warm colors and movement in this piece.
Lovely work that makes me think what exactly is it that grabs my visual attention. Thank you for sharing your art.
I love the texture, the movement, the colors… love it all. You create a mystery in that eddy, imagining the forces pushing and pulling and twirling. Great job!
I am still sitting here hand on chin, elbow on knee and bum on a log looking into that pool. Just lovely!
The colours in your painting are some of my favourite to live with. I have had some of those soft greens on various walls for years. Always feels like the sun is shining and the same for your painting.
Marilyn… I love the use of strong shapes against soft colors. Such a contrast, yet works beautifully! Kudos
Ohhh, I think the color palette is lovely. Its very cool and crisp like fresh melons. ๐Ÿ™‚
Very nice! Love this one.
I love the way you dealt with paint in this one. For some reason, my eye gets attracted to this thing in the left bottom corner, as though it is the figure of the artist who wonders at her painting…It is interfering, in a sense. But it is also essential; it adds something like an intrigue to the piece.
I like both of these a lot! They are my favorites really. They are little jewel-like landscapes to me with floating elements – plants, trees, animals, birds that are moving by in the wind. I often hear music when I look paintings and the music I hear with these two is Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.”
Oh Marilyn… this little guy is great!
Oh, too cool. He’s the 99%!
I think this might be my favorite!
Your paintings make me smile.
LOL…cute and threatening at the same time. I love it!
Aww! So cute and beautiful! Wonderful work Marilyn!
Wow! Simply superb. Such flair and beauty.
What juicy colors! I love it!
What a beautiful gesture of what art can accomplish. There is nothing so appropriate as a hand-hewn image as this kind of gift. I found this very moving.
I so enjoy these class studies, Marilyn. Great illustration of movement and static balance.
Wow! I love the history you have preserved! Such bold changes from the beginning to the end. Very cool! I am glad to see these while taking classes myself. I bookmarked your blog as reference! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€
Remarkably beautiful that after this study, you, too, shifted to an abstract style of expression in your art. Cezanne kind of did that to art, too! After him, things shifted quite radically, didn’t they. ‘Father of Modern Art,’ is it. ๐Ÿ™‚
That figure is jaw dropping!! Very interesting composition. I love the reds. I feel like I get drawn in by the reds and then travel through the table top, figure and then the rest of the room. Lovely, Marilyn! ๐Ÿ™‚
Wonderful piece, Marilyn. That figurine is exquisitely done — love it. I find it very interesting hearing how you transitioned from traditional painting to abstract.
Marilyn…so loving this! It has such a marvelous fauvist-modernist feel to it. Just wonderful!!!
This looks freaking awesome!
Loving this tornado series, Marilyn. So much emotion and fantastic colors captured in this!
I love the movement that you’ve captured in this tornado. Your use of color is brilliant with the complimentary hues. I really love this one! ๐Ÿ™‚
Great dynamics and color…
Beautiful painting…stunning colors…even though it’s a tornado it’s cheerful to view. ๐Ÿ™‚
Oh I love this. The simplicity and colors combine well to create a work which combines a feeling of zen with whimsy. Yes – do another bigger version.
There is something about an idea that first appears in a sketch and then grows into a larger work. Such potential blossoms here.
Nice work. Even better considering the medium!
Very nice colors, not just the flowers, but the background as well. Beautiful Marilyn.
I love how the flowing lines keep bringing the eye up the painting. And the colors, so mellow and calming, almost like water.
The painting in its soft colours has a marvelous dreamy and peaceful quality.
This painting has a very dreamy and peaceful quality to it. I like it very much!
I like the texture of the paint, and the wavy movement of it. I like the colors– especially the wine and teal shades. The kelp/flowers are primitive, unusual and abstract.
Gorgeous color and emotion captured in this! I love this series. You really bring life to the sky and it is wonderful!
Oh, I love this. It captures the scariness but also the beauty as it’s seen from a distance.
This is an incredible painting, Marilyn. Where the motion, emotion and passion of the abstract meets the tamed world of realism, and while there is no collision here, sky broils above a relatively placid landscape, we feel the tension of these forces, their power.
Love this work, the sense of this primordial mystery and awakening.
Oh my! I so like the soft egg shapes with the rougher browns and warm yellows.
Gorgeous light, so beautiful Marilyn!
Wonderful, great job on the glass and spoon as well as the table. As a detail nut I think it’s perfect lol.
I seriously adore these pieces. I have long wanted to paint tornadoes but have struggled, so these pieces are very inspiring for me. I love the abstract qualities of this!
The swirls of cloud look so good in encaustic. Probably much better in person too where you can see the depth of the medium that photos can rarely capture. Great drama!
Gorgeous! I love the movement in those purples! Really captivating!
Awesome! The colors are gorgeous, and overall painting reads as an aerial but maintains that abstractness you are so good at.
I have been flying in the northern interior of British Columbia and seen areas that look just like this in the spring from the air. A lovely piece Marilyn.
This is wonderful, Marilyn. Strong contrast, great composition and POV.
I like the sense of depth in this piece.
Wonderful! Overwhelmed by the sky. ๐Ÿ™‚
Gosh I really do love these works. These storm formations are so exciting to actually see. I think this one is my favorite so far. If I had a spare $250 I’d buy it in a heartbeat!
I love this! It feels young and naive (which is good thing). And the story makes it all the more enjoyable. I don’t know if this style of painting has a name, but it is one I am really drawn to.
Loving the history that goes with this painting. Sometimes context seem to enhance my experience of a work and such is the case here.
Wonderful white on white painting Marilyn. I find the warm and cool shadows interesting. As always beautifully done!
Great!! It is reminiscent of various things. It looks like an abstract woman who was going to melt. Or, on the contrary, it seems something emerged from the molten liquid…very interesting.
This is a wonderful representation. My eyes are dawn to the “drip”. Inspiring stuff.
Such a strong mood! Beautiful tornado! Fantastic work Marilyn!
That’s some excellent art, Marilyn. Respect. I enjoyed the thoughts and feelings this piece provoked. Fantastic use of shape and color to convey emotion. Hard to put it into words so I’ll have to assure you that it’s super-groovy. Thanks for creating and sharing. Keep up the great work.
I started loving tornadoes with your lovely paintings ๐Ÿ™‚
Such a wonderful technique to display clouds
de kooning comes to mind.
I saw this and I sucked in my breath! It’s a breath sucker inner in the best way!
Oh, so nice, Marilyn. Love when you are inspired by those “cells”. Always produces the most intriguing art from your studio!
It’s striking. The orange and the magenta are magnetizing.
Depending upon where I focus my eyes, this appears both flatly 2 dimensional and popping off the page. Cool mix of visual properties!
It’s always fun to read others’ comments. Where one sees draped fabric, to me, it’s a landscape with a wild and crazy storm in the sky bringing blessed rain.
Bright yellow stands for happiness…and the rays going through the whole painting make this happiness beam outward.
I truly love this one, Marilyn. It’s amazing, watching your transformations through your painting career.
I very much like the blue diagonal movement that resembles clouds, in this piece! ๐Ÿ™‚
Perfect lineal balance, Marilyn. I can see how it is your fav. I love abstract that holds close to the primaries.
That blending from orange to yellow is great!
My favorite one…cheerful to heart and soul. I like it :))
I love this painting, Marilyn! You captured the atmosphere and gave the viewer the “charm” of Tuscany.
The sweetness of Tuscany is present in your painting and the reds and greens. Great
Reminds me a bit of the White Mountains in NH…but the tree is obviously from another planet. The brushwork is remarkable.
That small house in the background gives it a special touch.
Oh I love this one. It has such innocence to it. Well done!
There’s so much to see here. There are hints of aliens and tribal art, and pure playfulness.
It’s almost like swirling your fingers through melted ice cream, in different flavors. <3 Lovely!!
Brilliant! Literally jumps off the canvas!
I like this! It has some munchianesque touch. Congrats.
I think you are really onto something with this new series, Marilyn!
I find your organic work so intriguing:) A playful energy and yet, softly serene (feminine:) at the same time ~
The work is so full of lively good humor!
Wow that’s lovely. You’ve done a great job of capturing the textures, I really like the silk edging on the blanket.
Your attention to detail in this is astounding, Marilyn. Great perspective and perfect values.
I LOVE this, Marilyn! You definitely, definitely need to do more of these. They were right, your use of light and form is spot-on!!!!
What interests me most about this presentation is the way the composition is broken up. The big fragmented subject contrasted against open ground, the almost dripping cracks, strangely dimensional shapes growing from the edges. I feel like I’m looking at some strange organism coming to eat me.
When I look at this painting I think of things either on an incredibly zoomed out level or on one very close as through a microscope.
What’s incredible here is the contrast in color. You have a great sensitivity for dissonance and similarities. Magenta/red violet is incredibly hard to pull off but here its a very convincing and atmospheric cool. I do think the painting is more serious and universal than the title. I really like this.
I love the expression on his face – awesome job!!
Ohhh…this drew me right in. ๐Ÿ™‚ And encaustic!! Love the subtle softness of color under wax…
Lovely and fresh and you’ve captured the light. It has such a lovely ‘summer morning’ feel to it.
My favorite part, where the sky peeks though the arbor…lovely piece. ๐Ÿ™‚
Love the colors and the flow. Absolutely beautiful!
Nice! I’m getting good associations with my garden and vegetables hidden under leaves in the summer heat.
Wonderful work Marilyn. The detail in the little box and crystals are amazing.
Wonderful colors, shapes and forms, so much detail. Even in this there is a certain amount of abstraction.
Superb colours, line, composition and flow. What a fantastic assortment and the colours blend and separate beautifully.
This is wonderful, Marilyn. Had to stop and study all the interesting and intriguing items you’ve placed in this still life. Beautiful values and tones!
The giddy array of fabrics and special sacred objects, your own hand-made pottery, crystal perfume jars, little paint and perhaps cloisonne-encrusted boxes, the colours and patterns, flung in a disordered order is wonderful, but I am getting positively high on the reflections. Too much! A beautiful painting, and yes, you have definitely shown your credentials.
This painting is half way to abstraction, it’s there in the flow of energy. But it must have been very time-consuming to do! So much detail! The eye focusing on the visual world, rendering a version of it in the painting. When I look at a painting, in any style, in any genre, if a poetry emerges, then it’s like wow. Your work is infused with poetry, Marilyn.
Your painting is alive!
I love your paintings, they are SO FUN!
With all the drawing and erasing and the former marks still evident it is not only a figure in three dimensional space but a drawing that contains traces of memory…
I’m so fascinated by the drawings and your thought processes.
I love learning and seeing your work.
What I like best about this painting is how it suggest depth but at the same time remains very much “paint” (yummy, buttery paint). There is something very pleasing about that sensation, I think.
I like the way it is, just because I keep trying to make sense out of it and come to the conclusion that “Flamingo Mallet” is a good title after all.
I see contours, geography from above. You have a delicious sensibility.
This painting for me is about senses, mostly smell, probably the billowing qualities of the shapes reminding me of air, but it seems really fragrant to me.
I like to see abstract work still show balance. You have succeeded. I see the Golden mean which makes the eye signal to the brain ‘That feels right’ interpretation. It’s buttery which makes me smile. The open space top right is brave and adds contrast. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Your painting reminds me of Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings. Although your painting reminds me of her work, it does bring about a different kind of experience. Her flowers to me are beautiful. But they also seem reserved, formal, almost abstract, not romantic in anyway, not even alive but more like something plucked and then frozen in time. Your work has some of the same shapes, and yet the relationship of the shapes to each other is different and not at all formal like O’Keeffe’s. There is more movement in your painting, more energy, more aliveness. (I’m not taking your title into consideration.) To me, I’m looking deep into the heart of a living flower.
I can muse leisurely through the layers and brushstrokes – enjoying as if it was a flower in an summer breeze. I did look up “Flamingo Mallets” though and realized they have nothing to do with flowers ๐Ÿ™‚ Good title just the same! Suits it.
I really like this one. I see two forces in tandem opposition, moving on to the next thing – whatever is through the door that opens when another closes, unknown potential over the horizon.
For me the two focal points of the red scale spiral – primary, and the purple – secondary, are punctuating movement to the left accentuated by counter movement of the purple spiral in the wake of the primary focal point. Like atmospheric pressure differences.
What I like best about this painting is how it suggests depth but at the same time remains very much “paint” (yummy, buttery paint). There is something very pleasing about that sensation.
You have a delicious sensibility.
I’m looking deep into the heart of a living flower.๏ปฟ
I can muse leisurely through the layers and brushstrokes – enjoying as if it was a flower in an summer breeze.
The sensitivity of these works is tremendous; I am envious of these paintings.
Paintingoftheday: I love this. This. I do not even know what more to say about it, Marilyn Fenn’s abstracts are whimsical and wonderful and I adore them.
Painting Of The Day: Why, It’s amoeba and eyes and leaves, and a wonky face. There is a feeling of resonance, vibration that I just can’t shake in that purple, and a containing calmness in that green. Plus, it’s titled “Bloop!” <3