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"What Have We Become?" 9 Digital Prints with Encaustic on Masonite, with Chain Links 37" x 34" © 2007 Marilyn Fenn

“What Have We Become?”
9 Digital Prints with Encaustic on Masonite, with Chain Links
37″ x 34″
© 2007 Marilyn Fenn

I started this project about a year ago. My idea was to use iconic media images as image transfers encased in wax, and tie a number of images together into a large piece. I wanted to pick some of the most recognizable images that I think almost anyone would know; images that said something about how we as a human race treat each other.

I did a couple of them last year to check out the possible process. Then I spent many hours searching mostly online for just the right images.

I came up with a composition that included way too many images at first, then eventually narrowed it down to the most interesting and iconic 25 images, but finally, I eliminated all but nine images for this piece.

I decided to manipulate them digitally to reduce them down even further to their iconic essence, and then I decided to print them as Gicleé prints. After mounting the prints on boards, I painted the whole surface with a single color of encaustic.

Finally, I linked all the images on boards together with chain links.

I got it all done and shot in time to apply to a local show about war — with a good 15 minutes to spare before the deadline!

This is the piece.

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Art doesn’t transform, it just plain forms.

— Roy Lichtenstein
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  • Wonderful piece, Marilyn. That figurine is exquisitely done — love it. I find it very interesting hearing how you transitioned from traditional painting to abstract.
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