I’m on Cloud Nine from the 5×7 Art Splurge at the Arthouse!

"Connections I" & "Connections II" Encaustic and ink or rice paper, mounted on panel each 5" x 7" © 2009 Marilyn Fenn

“Connections I” & “Connections II”
Encaustic and ink or rice paper, mounted on panel
each 5″ x 7″
© 2009 Marilyn Fenn

Thursday night, my husband and I went to the Artists Preview party for the 2009 5×7 show at the Arthouse.  It is always so much fun to see the huge collection of fabulous little paintings and other creations in a 5″x7″ format — and to run into so many of my art friends!

I was most surprised and thrilled to see that my two little paintings got a primo spot in the exhibition!  On the main wall, under the writing, top shelf.  They looked so good there!

I wasn’t able to get any pictures Thursday night, so I went back last night to the big event — the Art Splurge and Exhibition, or opening to the public during which the paintings first become available for sale.  I made some new art friends, and the three of us were photographed by — well, I don’t know who by!  He asked for our names, but I forgot to ask for his.  So, if you see my picture in the paper somewhere, give me a holler.

I took plenty of pictures myself, which you can see (in random order) by clicking on the little thumbnails at the bottom of this page.

The party started at 7:30, when people begin to scout out the paintings they want to buy.   Each painting sells for $100, and the money goes to the Arthouse.   For donating work, the artist gets a year membership to the Arthouse and some discounts, plus some exposure at the show and on the website.

Then at 9:00, there’s a countdown, and when the horn blows, people start grabbing tags off the paintings they want to buy.  I was talking to some new friends a couple of rooms away when the countdown began, so I excused myself and made tracks to the area where my work was, out of morbid curiosity.   OMG!   My work sold in the 1st second!  I can’t tell you good that feels!  Thank you to the folks who purchased my paintings; I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed making them!  You’ve made me very happy.

I wasn’t going to buy any paintings myself, partly because I have little available wall space, less money, and the choices are so daunting.  But I was so happy, and I noticed that one of the pieces I fell in love with was still available, so I too bought a new painting. See the little yellow painting below on the left by Josh Bernstein of Houston.

What a night! What goes around, comes around, and at least for this one night, the economy for the arts in Austin got a little boost. 🙂


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