Flashback Friday: 1992

"Abstract #10" Oil and wax medium on canvas 30" x 24" © 1992 Marilyn Fenn

“Abstract #10”
Oil and wax medium on canvas
30″ x 24″
© 1992 Marilyn Fenn


Some of my online art friends started posting on Fridays a Flashback to previous works.  I found out about the Flashback Fridays from Steven LaRose, who in turn credits Carla Knopp for starting this movement, and adds Mary Addison Hackett as the next artist to join the ranks of Flashback Friday posters.  Is anyone else doing this?

Anyway, here is a Friday flashback to a painting I did in advanced painting studio while in art school, 1992.  I was experimenting with wax medium, palette knives, and abstraction — and this came out.  The process was very nearly identical to the process I am using now — just starting somewhere and seeing where the brushes (or palette knives or whatever tools and media I am exploring at the moment ) lead me.

Sometimes this process leads to wonderful discoveries and sometimes to horrible messes.  This one was a wonderful discovery that, for some reason, I never repeated again.  I have always loved this piece; to me it has a feeling of extreme optimism and looks like a figure tossing something up to the sun.

So what are your artistic roots?

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— Joseph Beuys
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