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Do you have a Facebook Page, an Etsy account, and/or artwork for sale at Fine Art America?  If so, you can very easily display your work from your Etsy Shop and your Fine Art America portfolio directly on your Facebook Page.

This can be great for your collectors and fans, because in one place, they can quickly see what’s available in both of your online shops and for what price, then link directly from your Facebook Page to the item of their choice in either shop.

Etsy Shop on Facebook Page

My Etsy Shop on My Facebook Page


To set up your Etsy Shop on your Facebook page, follow the directions provided on this link: Set Up an Etsy Shop Link on your Facebook Page.

To set up your Fine Art America Shop, follow these directions from the FAA site: Set Up a Fine Art America Facebook Page Link.

If you haven’t set up a Facebook page for your art yet, follow the directions on this link: Create a Facebook Page.

Fine Art America Shop on Facebook Page

My Fine Art America Shop on My Facebook Page

Do you know of other online shops and portfolios you can add to your Facebook Page?  I’d love to hear what else may be available!

Link to my Facebook Page and become a fan.
Link to my Etsy Shop.
Link to my Fine Art America portfolio.

Find out more ways to purchase my art.

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