New Design for My Small Wonders Blog

Small Wonders blog

I just redesigned my Small Wonders blog on Blogspot again.

You know…my other art blog, where I often offer my small paintings for sale before I have the chance to update my database and this (WordPress) site.

I seem to have gotten stuck in an endless loop of revamping all my gazillion online presences: this site, my FineArtAmerica portfolio, my Etsy page, my Paypal shop, and my Flickr portfolio (so far). Then when I went to add some of my latest small paintings from this past spring to my Small Wonders blog, I noticed I couldn’t add another page there without also updating the design (or getting deeply into the gnarly Blogger code). Kind-a snowballed!

Plus, I have several other free online portfolios that are out of date. Yikes! What to do? Delete them and lose all the work I’ve already put into them (and the potential for other eyes on my art), or continue to spend hours and hours updating web portfolios when I’d rather be painting?

All that aside, the good news is, they’ve made some improvements in Blogger very recently, including making it much easier to add pages.  So I re-did my visual design and code a bit to make it easier for me to continue making updates there.

I added a new page called “Gallery,” but it is really just a slideshow of a Picasa photo group—the one that contains all the images on my Small Wonders blog.  Even with all the improvements on Blogger, true image galleries (with thumbnails and all) still do not seem to be supported.  So about all you can do is add one image at a time, with slideshows from Picasa and Flickr in the sidebar, footer or on a page of their own.

Small Wonders Blog - Before


Small Wonders Blog - After


Check it out: Small Wonders.

I hope you like the new design.  It’s more in keeping with this site, color-wise, and also a little less scrunchy than the previous version.

If you have a Blogger blog, check out the new capabilities and template designs they offer now.

(By the way, if you’re interested in a custom template design for Blogger, I work hourly at very reasonable rates, and can usually whip out a new design in 2-3 hours that can be easily uploaded to your Blogspot blog. Standard disclaimers apply).

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