Works on Paper (Sketches and Drawings)

Three Recent Small Works on Paper

Exploring some squiggly lines in 12x12 inch watercolor paintings. “Sploosh!” Watercolor with mixed media on watercolor paper 12″ x 12″ © 2013 Marilyn Fenn

Blind Contour Abstraction

It’s true, it’s true — really!  The first in another new series of small paintings/drawings, these shapes were made without looking at the paper, based on images off of streaming TV.  I did look, though, as I colored them in, so idk, is that cheating?  🙂


Another Early Experiment from This Year

This was my 5th piece of the year, and I’ve been holding off on sharing it.  I am again combining some imagery from various series of the last few years, this time in watercolor pencil (with water added, of course).  I may try to fix that purple-y bit…

New Mini-Painting: “We’ve Got Company!”

"We've Got Company!" | Watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 5.25" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn

Another New Mini-Watercolor: “Orbit”

"Orbit" | Watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 6" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- For this painting, I picked a set of colors that were more subdued than my usual bright fare; I'm surprised at how bright they seem anyway.

Recovering a Watercolor Painting – “Dunk”

"Dunk" | Washed watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 6" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- The problem with working in watercolor is if you get the colors wrong, there's not a lot you can do to fix it. Initially, I got the colors wrong on this one.

New Painting: “You Are Here”

"You Are Here" | Watercolor on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 5.75" x 6" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn

Ear Worms – We Will Not Let You Go (Let Me Go)

"Ear Worms - We Will Not Let You Go (Let Me Go)" | Watercolor pencils on 100 lb. Raffine paper | 6" x 5.75" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- After the crazy looseness and unpredictability of the Fraccidental series, my fingers itched for a bit of tightness, and this is what happened. Named after the earworm running through my head during the entire creation of this piece

Fraccidental Painting Series

"Fraccidental Painting 010" | Watercolor and ink on watercolor paper | 7" x 5" | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- A few weeks ago, I started 3 new series of very small works on paper.  The first series I'm calling "Fraccidental Paintings."  Well, they're not really the first in this series, because I did about 4 of these in 2011 (the first 4 in the slideshow below).

One More New Painting: Yabbadabbadabacus!

Yabbadabbadabacus! | Watercolor on heavy Raffine sketch paper | 5.75″ x 6″ | © 2013 Marilyn Fenn -- I started 3 more small sketches for watercolor paintings in the last day or two, erased one of them, ignored the second and painted only this one. This didn't turn out quite the way I envisioned, but I like it anyway, and it is inspiring a new set of oil paintings that I hope will be rather successful, but we'll all have to wait and see on that. :)
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