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A Copy After Picasso

Copy After Picasso's "Nude and Still Life, c. 1931" | Oil on canvas | 18" x 12" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- On Google+, a very vibrant community of artists has been growing all summer and fall. A challenge was proposed to do a study after Picasso or an interpretation of one or more of his works. I thought this Picasso painting looked like a cartoon version of a Picasso, or what Picasso would paint if he were painting a cartoon version of his own work. It is such a fun image, I couldn't resist!

New Painting: Pirate Olivia in Search of Buried Treasure

"Pirate Olivia in Search of Buried Treasure" | Oil on canvas | 6" x 6" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn

New Painting: The Woobie Offers Up Advice

"The Woobie Offers Up Advice" | Oil on Canvas | 16" x 12" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- I did this painting a few weeks ago, right after my first white rabbit painting, "The Woobie Contemplates Revenge."

New Painting: The Woobie Contemplates Revenge

"The Woobie Contemplates Revenge" | Oil on canvas | 10" x 10" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- Painting white things is really fun and challenging. For this painting, I placed a white rabbit stuffed animal in a white box...

New Painting: Hare Skin Rug (Bugs Bunny)

"Hare Skin Rug" | Oil on canvas 8" x 8" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- Until my painting of Marvin the Martian a few days ago, I went nearly two weeks without painting (argh!)...I'm feeling the interruption, but trying to get back in the swing of things.

New Painting: “You Earthlings Have Made Me Very Angry”

"You Earthlings Have Made Me Very Angry" Oil on canvas | 8" x 8" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- I love Marvin the Martian. He's probably my favorite cartoon character of all time, and now I've finally painted him.

New Painting: Fifteen Minutes for a Quarter

"Fifteen Minutes for a Quarter" | Oil on canvas | 5" x 5" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- This is the third and final little rubber robot toy; this one is kind of a speed racer. He was both hard and fun to paint. I aimed again for looseness with these last two paintings; it continues to be a struggle to overcome 20 years of painting habits, but I'm not unhappy with these.

New Painting: It Was This Big!

"It Was This Big!" | Oil on canvas | 5" x 5" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn

New Painting: Et Tu Klaatu?

Et Tu Klaatu? | Oil on canvas | 5" x 5" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn

New Painting: Catfish (pepper shaker)

"Catfish" | Oil on canvas | 6″ x 6″ | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- Finally, here is the companion to the Catbird painting! I aimed to keep this as fresh as possible with as few brushstokes as possible. I think the fishlips came out particularly well. :)
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Artists can color the sky red because they know it’s blue. Those of us who aren’t artists must color things the way they really are or people might think we’re stupid.

— Jules Feiffer

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