Oil Paintings

Another Mini Painting from Last Night

"Color Mini 2014-019" Oil on canvas 4" x 4" © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

Here's another, a bit tamer than the last one.

This One’s a Little Goofy

"Color Mini 2014-018" Oil on canvas 4" x 4" © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

But cute.

The Non-Conformist

“Color Mini 2014-017″ Oil on canvas 4″ x 4” © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

Here’s last night’s little painting. This one could be called “The Non-Conformist,” as I used just 3 hues of red + white to make this, but as you can see, a little blue snuck itself into one square.


New, But Am I Done?

Color Mini 2014-016 Oil on canvas 4″ x 4″ © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

I don’t think so.  I made some very small changes, and I like it better now, but it still doesn’t seem quite right.

Last one for today. Four (or was it 3?) paintings today, and two…

I’m on Some Sort of a Roll!

"Color Mini 2014-015" Oil on canvas 4" x 4" © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

These are so much fun!

I Really Like This New Painting

"Color Mini 2014-014" Oil on canvas 4" x 4" © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

Ooh, I likey this one; just finished.

Another New Color Mini Painting

"Color Mini 2014-013" Oil on canvas 4" x 4" © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

More New Color Studies in Oil

“Color Mini 2014-012″ Oil on canvas 4″ x 4” © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

Less flowy than the large painting I finished last night(!), I’m really grooving on these little color studies in oil. I did a couple last night; they are probably a little stiff, but there will be many…

Every Painting Takes on a Life of its Own

“Flame Kiss” Oil on canvas 24″ x 24″ © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

This one started out as an attempt to reproduce at larger scale a small acrylic from last summer…and it wasn’t working. I began to rework it in oil at the beginning of this year, and maybe it’s…

A Fun Experimental Painting

“Mostly-Daily Painting 2014-011″ Oil over acrylic on Masonite panel 10″ x 8” © 2014 Marilyn Fenn

In between working on my series of color minis and larger works, I’m repainting some old failed works. This was one of my early experiments in acrylic, but is now more delightfully covered in…

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In the brush doing what it’s doing, it will stumble on what one couldn’t do by oneself. Any art is academic by definition if you know what the result is going to be before you start.

— Robert Motherwell

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