Deep Thoughts

Something to Think About Regarding the “Art World”

I found a conversation online that, in some ways, echoes some of the conversations some of my artist friends have been having on Google+ for quite awhile, though at a level perhaps a bit beyond the dreams some of us have. Still, the blog post, and some of the comments…

What Does Paint Do?

Alan Gouk Laughing Torso, 2010-11 oil on canvas, 71 x 112 cm

I’m really enjoying the essays of Robin Greenwood.  This one awakened something in my brain that I think has been asleep since art school!  Not sure if I agree with it all, but it’s exciting (to…

My Ten Most Influential Works of Art

Earlier today on Google+, a friend posted Ten works of art that changed his life, and asked others for their top ten.  They had to be works you’ve seen in person, not online or in a book.

Well, even though I knew I wanted to be…

I’m Drawing, I’m Drawing Again

I sure do love to draw!  There's something about the act of drawing that's so immediate, intentional and strong.  My urge to draw has been just huge for the past couple of years. Lately, I've been finding ways to introduce drawing into my painting process (again).

Transformations: The Struggle to Create

When I paint, I frequently have only a very vague idea or sometimes -- no idea at all -- of what I am searching for in the new work.  I start somewhere, and often, the finished piece is so far away from where it started, it's unrecognizable.  One of my favorite things about working this way is that I discover things -- such as shapes and images -- that I just couldn't invent.

Ten Rules of Thumb for Maintaining Creativity

I just discovered this great blog post about an artist/craftsman named Wendell Castle at Emily Evans Eerdmans' blog.  Wendell Castle has been creating amazing furniture for over 50 years.  He has ten "Adopted Rules of Thumb" for staying at the top of one's creative game that I find very compelling:

How Much Do You Plan Your Paintings?

I recently read an article by a representational painter on another blog, in which the writer said that one should very carefully and thoroughly plan one's paintings.  My first thought was, "No waaaaay!"  That would take all the fun out the process of discovery that, for me at least, is a great deal of what painting is about.

The Challenge of Becoming a Non-Representational Painter

I am getting very excited about my upcoming solo show.  I'm painting like mad, and I'm beginning to be very happy with some of the results.

Studio Space – Does it Matter?

I love seeing other artists' spaces, and got just such an opportunity when Farrell Brickhouse posted pics of his friends' palettes on Facebook a while back....I'd love to have so much space.

Color is the Thing for Me

I am getting very excited about my upcoming solo show.  I'm painting like a madman, and I'm beginning to be very happy with some of the results.
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For art and joy go together, with bold openness, and high head, and ready hand – fearing naught and dreading no exposure.

— James Abbot McNeill Whistler

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