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Poems are Made of Words

Class notes, SAIC, 1991

At a dinner party, Dore Ashton on  Degas - complaining about working on a sonnet - he had lots of ideas, but...

Paul Valerie - "Poems are made, not of ideas, but of words."

Draw from the Inside Out

Class notes from Drawing the figure in Space with Elizabeth Rupprecht, SAIC, 1991

Mark Tobey drawing diagram of fly flying around studio - what's behind you is as important as the rest. Fly's eye view.

1. Cezanne drew from inside out

2. Yin/yang - figure/ground.

Drawing Masks as Analogies for Self

"Sketch of Sulka Mask, Melanesia, 1900-1910" | Fiber structure covered with pith, feathers and pieces of wood | Drawn at the Field Museum, Chicago | Pencil on paper | 7" x 5" | © 1991 Marilyn Fenn --

Class notes, from Advanced Drawing with Barbara Rossi, SAIC, 1991

Basil, switzerland - Folk Museum - tradition of Carnival prior to Lent; also South Am., Mexico, New Orleans.

Start Where You Are. Move On from There.

Copy after Chagall's "Birth" | The Art Institute of Chicago | Pencil on paper | 7" x 5" | © 1991 Marilyn Fenn --

Class Notes from Advanced Studio Drawing, taught by Barbara Rossi, Fall 1991

Purpose of class: development of personal resources, more inventive with how you represent things; more significant to you.

How to Build a Stretcher (Strainer)

Some detailed instructions on how to build a strainer: Select wood with good, straight endgrain, straight (not bowed), few knots, no critical knots. Cut all pieces to length (2x4's & 1x6's) on miter saw. Set table saw to 15 degrees - rip 2x4's in half (??"), rip both halves of each piece of wood.

Drawing vs. Painting: More Artists to Look At

Painting by Susan Rothenberg "Triphammer Bridge" 1974 Synthetic polymer paint and tempera on canvas 67 1/8" x 9' 7 3/8"

More Notes from Art School, SAIC, 1991

More artists to look at:

Draw Abstracted Form Merging with Landscape

"Sketch of anthropomorphized landscape form" | pencil | © 1991 Marilyn Fenn --
Some random class notes from Advanced Drawing with Barbara Rossi, SAIC, 1991
Make lots of drawings of abstracted form merging with landscape.

More Artists to Look At

Painting by Christian Rohlfs "Birkenwald" oil on linen 110 x 75 cm, 1907

Class notes from SAIC, 1991

Look at the work of some German Expressionists:

Kathe Kollwitz Hyman Bloom Christian Rolfs Ernst Barlach

Nancy Plotkin at Artemesia

Painting by Nancy Plotkin "Chaya, Dancer" 20"x22" date unknown *(I believe this image is newer than the class note).

Class notes from SAIC, 1991

Nancy Plotkin at Artemesia - MUST SEE!

Painting is Not Depicting

Painting by Georges Braque "Still-Life: Le Jour" 1929

Class notes from SAIC, 10/29/91

"Limited means engender new forms, invite creation."

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Derive happiness in oneself from a good day’s work, from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.

— Henri Matisse

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