Fall of Babylon

I like his point of view.  :)

Painting by Adam Cvijanovic

See a lot more of Cvijanovic's colossal spectacular work online at the Bellwether Gallery.

Aaron Young – Hell’s Angels

Elevating a motorcycle rally to art by moving it indoors and placing it on a stage.

Looking at Earthworks Artists & Their Descendants

"You" by Urs Fischer

Today I look at how various artists over recent time have reacted against the idea that developed through the history of art of the gallery as a sacred place, and the art within as items to be worshipped.

A recent installation in New York by Urs Fisher takes place inside a gallery, while some of his antecendents had moved their work outside the gallery.

Urs Fischer has reduced Gavin Brown’s Enterprise to a hole in the ground...

Peaceful Abstract Landscape by Karen Jacobs

Painting by Karen Jacobs "Hope Ridge" mixed media on canvas 30" x 30"

Here's another really gorgeous abstract landscape -- makes me wish I were there--kind of like Robin Williams in "What Dreams May Come" or that bit in Akira Kurasawa's "Dreams" where Van Gogh wanders through his own paintings.

Beautiful Abstract Landscapes by Cheryl McClure

Painting by Cheryl McClure "Little Pieces of Land IX" acrylic on canvas 36 x 36"

Favorite painter of the day: Cheryl McClure, whose beautiful abstract landscapes I found online at the Jezebel Gallery. This is my favorite!

Paintings of People Looking at Art by Karin Jurick

Painting by Karin Jurick "An older gentleman viewing an abstract painting in the de Young Museum in San Francisco" Oil on Masonite 8"x10"

A Painting a Day

I Stumbled Upon this artist's site today: Karin Jurick -- through a 'painting a day' blog.  I love her beautiful tiny representational paintings.

Artists to Look at for Paint and Pictorial Methods

Francis Bacon - Study after Velazquezs Portrait of Pope Innocent X
Class notes, SAIC, 1991
Look at these artists:

Florine Stettheimer

Jim Lutes

Artists to Look at for Atmosphere

Painting by Ferdinand Hodler Lake Geneva as seen from Chexbres, oil on canvas 1905
Class notes, from Advanced Drawing Studio with Barbara Rossi, SAIC, 1991
For help with my current work, look at: Ferdinand Hodler for narrative.

Drawing vs. Painting: More Artists to Look At

Painting by Susan Rothenberg "Triphammer Bridge" 1974 Synthetic polymer paint and tempera on canvas 67 1/8" x 9' 7 3/8"

More Notes from Art School, SAIC, 1991

More artists to look at:

More Artists to Look At

Painting by Christian Rohlfs "Birkenwald" oil on linen 110 x 75 cm, 1907

Class notes from SAIC, 1991

Look at the work of some German Expressionists:

Kathe Kollwitz Hyman Bloom Christian Rolfs Ernst Barlach

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— Georgia O’Keefe

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