Blind Contour Abstraction

It’s true, it’s true — really!  The first in another new series of small paintings/drawings, these shapes were made without looking at the paper, based on images off of streaming TV.  I did look, though, as I colored them in, so idk, is that cheating?  🙂

aka “Rabbit’s Wardrobe in Disarray.”

"Blind Contour Abstraction #1 (Rabbit's Wardrobe in Disarray)" Watercolor pencils on heavy Raffine paper 5.75" x 6" © 2013 Marilyn Fenn“Blind Contour Abstraction #1″
Watercolor pencils on heavy Raffine paper
5.75″ x 6”
© 2013 Marilyn Fenn

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I use oil paint because it has a disobedient and mysterious nature…it engages issues of alchemy and mystery that resist the deadening ambition of the modern world to control everything.

— Scully
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  • All of your work is very cool looking!!!
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