Artists to Look at for Paint and Pictorial Methods

Francis Bacon - Study after Velazquezs Portrait of Pope Innocent XFrancis Bacon – Study after Velazquezs Portrait of Pope Innocent X

Class notes, SAIC, 1991

Look at these artists:

Florine Stettheimer
Jim Lutes
Gaylen Hansen — all in Ryerson Library
Robert Barnes
Marcy Hermansader
Cheryl Lemli (?)
Jacob Lawrence
Phillip Guston (content inherent to painting as well as line, form, etc.)
ask Laurel Bradley, AH teacher.

Gradual accumulation of paint on surface until you get to center of interest.

All of Francis Bacon’s paintings are covered with glass – they reflect the viewer & architecture of the room. Change as you change position to it.

Christian Schad – German realist
Whistler – inspired by Japanese

North European as opposed to Italian implied misunderstanding.  Paint is subordinate to image.

Frank Auerbach – 1988 Brit.

Gustave Moreau – inkblot dreaminess.
Very late Monets – ab ex in sensibilities.
de Chirico – later 40’s.

The nobility of the people: their pictorial methods – Frida Kahlo – Mexican Socialism.
Francesco Toledo.

Check out Mexican Fine Art Museum – book of prints, like Dubuffet – great stuff!

Berthe Morisot
Boccioni – 1916.  “The Dynamism of the Cavalry Charge ” | “States of Mind – Those Who Come & Those Who Go”
Dubuffet: Art of the Insane Children
Primitive cultures, etc.
Christian Schad – To uncover unconscious VS. Crudeness behind apparent sophistication
Gabriele Munter – japanese print influence.
Northern mood.
Sue Coe – disjointed, contemporary narrative.
Expressionist Political
Carroll Dunham – subway art – hi/low art mix.
Paint on wood with gesso – Pat Steir


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Pretend you are dancing or singing a picture. A worker or painter should enjoy his work, else the observer will not enjoy it.

— Robert Henri
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