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Art Fairs

I inadvertantly started doing art fairs at the end of 2002 — sort of in neighborhood solidarity when some folks in my neighborhood started organizing the first Cherrywood Art Fair.

I never planned on doing art shows of that type.  At the time, I was reluctant to put myself and my work out in the art world.   The encouragement to participate in the first Cherrywood Art Fair was a nice, neighborly beginning to getting my work out there to be seen (and often purchased) — and it helped to open doors for showing my work in other venues.

However, it’s an enormous amount of work; all the more so for me, as both my husband and I, quite intentionally, have tiny cars — and moving my entire 10’x10′ “store” of paintings, prints, cards, and all the supporting materials (display panels, tables, tent, etc.) took no less than 5 carloads, and more hours to set up and tear down than we were usually given.

As much fun as it was to meet and talk with all the visitors who stopped by my booth and to get to know the other artists and craftspersons at these little fairs (if crowds slowed down enough to allow for that), the other issue for me was that most people who attend art fairs seem to come for the hand-made hats and soaps and yard decorations, and many of these people were not interested in paintings — at least not in this venue.

So, it was a nice venue to visit, but I’m stopping now, and I doubt I will do it again. No promises, but at present, it does not seem to be the best type of venue for me or my work.

I think I will be doing the East Austin Studio Tour this coming November, however, so make plans to come to my studio and see my work there!  More info will be available on my website as the time nears.

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To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.

— Henry David Thoreau
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  • This painting is half way to abstraction, it’s there in the flow of energy. But it must have been very time-consuming to do! So much detail! The eye focusing on the visual world, rendering a version of it in the painting. When I look at a painting, in any style, in any genre, if a poetry emerges, then it’s like wow. Your work is infused with poetry, Marilyn.
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