Another New Painting: “If Women Walked on the Moon”

"If Women Walked on the Moon" Oil on canvas 12" x 12" © 2012 Marilyn Fenn

“If Women Walked on the Moon”
Oil on canvas
12″ x 12″
© 2012 Marilyn Fenn

I think this is my favorite of my recent paintings.  I’d love to paint this loose all the time — or looser even.  I don’t know why it doesn’t always seem possible.  Constitutionally predisposed to tightness, I fear…

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A primitive artist is an amateur whose work sells.

— Grandma Moses
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Comments on My Paintings
  • As anyone who has known me for a while can tell you, I really appreciate both the artists and the ladies here on Google Plus. Especially those who are both, as is +Marilyn Fenn . Marilyn is a wonderful artist who lives down in Austin, Texas, which is a very rich town for both artists and musicians. I met her not long after I came aboard here and have enjoyed her work ever since. She usually paints abstracts, so I thought I’d share this one, which is a little different from her usual style. Drop by Marilyn Fenn ‘s page and check out her work. Do yourself a favor and circle her.
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