A Fun Experimental Painting

Small Daily Painting 2014-011 - Oil painting by Marilyn Fenn

“Mostly-Daily Painting 2014-011″
Oil over acrylic on Masonite panel
10″ x 8”
© 2014 Marilyn Fenn

In between working on my series of color minis and larger works, I’m repainting some old failed works. This was one of my early experiments in acrylic, but is now more delightfully covered in oil paint; it has more or less the same color palette as the original, but the imagery is quite different! You can see the old intentionally scraped and gouged texture under the oils. Kind of fun, no?


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Years ago, these graduate students who helped me move into this studio just dumped all the stuff around [the studio] in clusters. And the clusters looked interesting. So I just began adding models to the clusters of objects. That made a big change. Using the objects in juxtaposition with the figures was simply a way of complicating the visual experience of painting directly from life.

— Philip Pearlstein
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Comments on My Paintings
  • I like both of these a lot! They are my favorites really. They are little jewel-like landscapes to me with floating elements – plants, trees, animals, birds that are moving by in the wind. I often hear music when I look paintings and the music I hear with these two is Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five.”
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