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New Painting: It’s Awash

"It's Awash" | Oil on canvas | 12" x 12" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- I love how the visual ideas one entertains in the course of being an artist may lay dormant for a time, and then return as a nice surprise. :) Last Wednesday night, with a head full of visual ideas, I entered the studio and started trying to get those ideas out on canvas. So far, I'm very happy with the direction.

New Painting: Pirate Olivia in Search of Buried Treasure

"Pirate Olivia in Search of Buried Treasure" | Oil on canvas | 6" x 6" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn

New Painting: The Woobie Offers Up Advice

"The Woobie Offers Up Advice" | Oil on Canvas | 16" x 12" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- I did this painting a few weeks ago, right after my first white rabbit painting, "The Woobie Contemplates Revenge."

New Painting: The Woobie Contemplates Revenge

"The Woobie Contemplates Revenge" | Oil on canvas | 10" x 10" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- Painting white things is really fun and challenging. For this painting, I placed a white rabbit stuffed animal in a white box...

New Painting: Hare Skin Rug (Bugs Bunny)

"Hare Skin Rug" | Oil on canvas 8" x 8" | © 2011 Marilyn Fenn -- Until my painting of Marvin the Martian a few days ago, I went nearly two weeks without painting (argh!)...I'm feeling the interruption, but trying to get back in the swing of things.

I should like to be famous and unknown.

— Edgar Degas

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