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Aim for a Compelling, Unorthodox Originality

Painting by Matthew Ritchie "The Living Will" 2004 Oil and marker on canvas 88 x 99 inches

An idea that bears repeating - aim for a compelling, unorthodox originality...

Why Do You Paint What You Paint?

Class notes from Reinventing Your Creative Process with Andrew Long, Fall 2007

I am so going to miss these classes with Andrew Long.  He said this would be a life-altering experience, and as grand a claim as that may sound, he wasn't kidding.

Canadian student maps brain to image search

"A Canadian computer science grad is mapping the way the human brain works to technology that will power a search engine for visual images to be launched mid next year." from ComputerWorld

Life is as complicated as it appears

Painting by Matthew Ritchie "Self-Portrait in 2064" 2003 Oil and marker on canvas 80 x 100 inches

That quote is from an interview with Matthew Ritchie.

Painting from Another Viewpoint

Painting by Julia Mehretu “Excerpt (Riot)” 2003 ink and acrylic on canvas 32 x 54”

Class notes from Reinventing Your Creative Process with Andrew Long, Fall 2007

Fall of Babylon

I like his point of view.  :)

Painting by Adam Cvijanovic

See a lot more of Cvijanovic's colossal spectacular work online at the Bellwether Gallery.

Aaron Young – Hell’s Angels

Elevating a motorcycle rally to art by moving it indoors and placing it on a stage.

Looking at Earthworks Artists & Their Descendants

"You" by Urs Fischer

Today I look at how various artists over recent time have reacted against the idea that developed through the history of art of the gallery as a sacred place, and the art within as items to be worshipped.

A recent installation in New York by Urs Fisher takes place inside a gallery, while some of his antecendents had moved their work outside the gallery.

Urs Fischer has reduced Gavin Brown’s Enterprise to a hole in the ground...

Are Your Objects Objects or Facsimiles?

"Rabbit" Jeff Koons 1986 Stainless Steel 41 x 19 x 12 inches

Class notes from Poetic Non-Representational Acrylic Painting with Andrew Long, Fall 2007

The object in the painting - is it being an object vs. being a facsimile of the object? Does it have a history, a great hook, and richness, a fullness, or is it empty?

What's the difference between this abstract piece of art and wallpaper?

Why Do You Create the Art You Create?

Painting by Terry Winters, just because it's so frigging beautiful!

Thoughts and Quotes in response:

An artist needs to be able sustain their penetration to move past a simply available solution to one with greater depth.

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The purpose of art is not a rarefied, intellectual distillate – it is life, intensified, brilliant life.

— Alain Arias-Mission

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