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Some Great Feedback! And a Note on Encaustic Surfaces

Snippet of painting: "Tornado - Erie, KS - November 27, 2005" | Encaustic on Masonite | 10" x 8" | © 2007 Marilyn Fenn --

Sometimes I feel like I ought to have those horrible flashing red and yellow banners on my art site, proclaiming the words that I sometimes get as compliments on my work. But I won't, because it would be tasteless and annoying to do so. At the very least.

AVAA 30th Anniversary Opening…

"Tornado - Kansas - June 1, 2004" | Encaustic on Masonite, Mounted on Plywood Mat and Framed | 8" x 10" -- O.D. 15" x 11" | ©2006 Marilyn Fenn |

"Tornado - Clay, AZ" | Encaustic on Masonite, Mounted on Plywood Mat and Framed | 8" x 10" -- O.D. 15" x 11" | ©2006 Marilyn Fenn --

...was great! The place was packed with folks all evening long!

Starting A Painting a Day

"Green Day" | oil on canvas | 10" x 10" | © 2007 Marilyn Fenn -- I love the idea of doing a painting a day...whether or not I can is another story. Here's the first in awhile: an abstracted landscape in oil, 10"x10".  Not sure if I'm done with it or not...

Encaustic Paints

I found a good intro to info about encaustic paints and paintings at RF Paints. Click on the link to read.

This is the kind of painting I've been doing a lot of since late last summer. I absolutely love the process and the effects.

Peaceful Abstract Landscape by Karen Jacobs

Painting by Karen Jacobs "Hope Ridge" mixed media on canvas 30" x 30"

Here's another really gorgeous abstract landscape -- makes me wish I were there--kind of like Robin Williams in "What Dreams May Come" or that bit in Akira Kurasawa's "Dreams" where Van Gogh wanders through his own paintings.

Beautiful Abstract Landscapes by Cheryl McClure

Painting by Cheryl McClure "Little Pieces of Land IX" acrylic on canvas 36 x 36"

Favorite painter of the day: Cheryl McClure, whose beautiful abstract landscapes I found online at the Jezebel Gallery. This is my favorite!

Paintings of People Looking at Art by Karin Jurick

Painting by Karin Jurick "An older gentleman viewing an abstract painting in the de Young Museum in San Francisco" Oil on Masonite 8"x10"

A Painting a Day

I Stumbled Upon this artist's site today: Karin Jurick -- through a 'painting a day' blog.  I love her beautiful tiny representational paintings.

AVAA 30TH Anniversary Exhibit

"Tornado - Clay, AZ" | Encaustic on Masonite | 8" x 10" | © 2007 Marilyn Fenn -- Juried Show at The Dougherty:

Stumble Upon

Oh, this is a lovely time-waster...or inspiration-finder. You can search by any topic; I search for painters frequently; there's some really good stuff out there that I might never have seen otherwise, some not-so-good stuff, some very useful sites, and a few things you may have already seen rather frequently.  Check it out.


"Swickis are a cross between search engines and Wikipedia - the community can add, delete and improve the results."

I started a swicki not quite a year ago (actually 2 swickis) when I first found about swicki as another search option. It's kind of fun. I had it on the home page of my art site until I redesigned my site.

A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds.

— Henry Moore

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