Succession “42” - Benton Hill
Succession “42” - Floating
Succession “42” - Life Forms
Succession “42” - Molecular Motion
Succession “42” - Grain
Succession “42” - Flow
Succession “42” - Sandbars
Succession “42” - DNA
Succession “42” - Pancake Ice
Succession “42” - Mud Flats
Succession “42” - Ice Hole
Succession “42” - Arabesque
Succession “42” - River Courses
Succession “42” - Space Dancing
Succession “42” - The Pleiades
Succession “42” - Big Bang
Succession “42” - Spiral Galaxy
Succession “42” - Space Web
Succession “42” - The Seed
Succession “42” - Quasar

The idea behind this series was inspired by ecological succession, a natural sequential process in which there is a gradual supplanting of one community of life forms by another, each stage building upon the previous stage.

This work is a large painting made up of twenty 12″x12″ panels. The first panel, “The Seed,” was the spark for the whole series, with each subsequent panel unfolding from an edge of the previous panel, yet with the freedom for each new panel to go in a different direction than the one before.

Many of the individual panels in this series were inspired by patterns of different scales in the natural world – from molecules to ice sheets to nebulae.

The set of 20 canvas panels are attached to a 4′ x 6′ sheet of cradled plywood to compose a singular work.

View the entire 20-panel painting.